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Teeth Brightening

Tooth Brightening can only improve the natural color of a tooth and will not affect the color of any dental work previously performed by a dentist. Although the whitening gel may improve the appearance of any stains on the dental work, its effectiveness is limited to natural teeth.


There is a common misconception that tooth whitening can damage the structure of the tooth. However, this is not true, and tooth whitening has been used safely for many years in North America. It is important to use a safe and effective product/ treatment that increases the whiteness 4 to 8 tooth colour shades.

Female white toothy smile

Tooth Brightening is a simple process that can be compared to a facial treatment for the teeth. Like skin, teeth have pores that can become clogged with stain over time. Staining can be caused by various factors such as smoking, coffee, tea, and other everyday activities.


The brightening gel works by removing the built-up stain within the pores of the teeth, resulting in a whiter appearance. It is important to manage expectations, as the degree of improvement is limited by the tooth's initial colour because Tooth Brightening can only improve the natural color of a tooth and will not affect the colour of any dental work previously performed by a dentist.

  • This treatment is suitable for both man & woman.

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