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We creatively altered the molecular structure of the facial mask fibers to significantly enhance the hydrophilicity of the facial mask, where uronic acid was fused with facial mask fibers for deep water replenishment, accomplishing the ideal moisturizing experience for facial masks!


  • Ultrathin fibers and outstanding absorbability


The ultimately fine weaving method allows the facial mask to actualize the strong water-retaining ability, where the facial mask stays moist and watery even after a long period of application.


  • Enhanced adsorption, carry more essence


Differing to the water absorption of masks in general, the hydrogel mask features unique water retention function, where it will swell up after absorbing the serum to form a gel on the surface, thereby keeping the water content at the fiber surface, which is capable of improving the dripping situation of masks in general.


  • Suitable for-Suitable for all skin types.

Hydrogel Face Mask

  • After cleaning and wipe the face, take out the mask and put the plastic film away, avoid the eyes and the mouth, put the mask on the face exactly. Put it down after 15-20 minutes, no need clean the face and can use other essences or cream directly.

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