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This will easily remove your make up,leaving your face  clear and bright. 


  • Sh-polypeptide-69 same as Collagen Type Ⅲ 


Collagen Type Ⅲ generally call baby collagen. Because fetus have a lot  of Collagen Type Ⅲ. Therefore , their skin is very elastic.This cleansing  gel contained sh-polypeptide-69 works the same way. Also mixture of  human-type placenta, EGF, IGF-2, aFGF, and TRX. 


  • Micro bubble remove your make up easily  


The clear gel becomes creamy and white ! Unique hydration formula keeps  skin refreshed and hydrated while removing stubborn makeup.


  • Safe & free formula 


No fragrance,No animal derived ingredients,No artificial colors,No silicones,No mineral oils.

Biotech Nano Growth Factors Cleansing Gel (100 ml)

  • Take 3 pushes on a dry, clean hand. Put your palms together and rub them together until they turn white. Please note that it may not turn white if used with wet hands. Draw a gentle spiral and spread it on your dry skin so that it wraps around your entire face. Then rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.

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