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C1C2 Stem C Treatment

The newest cutting edge facial treatment that uses the new scientific breakthrough ingredient, C1C2 Stem C, cells from a rare Sea Fennel (C1C2) plant, that give you intense facial rejuvenation results - reduction in wrinkles, pigmentation, even out skin color, minimize of pores and tightening of skin tone. 

In the process of aging for men and women, the result is in the decrease of elastin levels causing the skin to lose its contour and firmness, the decline in healthy cell renewal, the decline in natural moisturizers with irregular pigment production, and eventually the skin sags. 

A solution to pristine skin - this system uses Sea Fennel plant stem cells and this place can be found on the Brittany coast. It is formulated with Stem Cells, Vitamin C, and Plant Placental derivatives.

The benefit of this treatment are;

  • Renew youthful appearance of skin

  • Plumping sagging tired skin

  • Releases powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals

  • Makes skin cleared, refined, and toned

  • Accelerates skin metabolism, smoothen fine lines, and skin rejuvenation

  • Provides the precursors for collagen synthesis and reduces skin discolorations

C1C2 Stem C Treatment
  • This treatment is suitable for both man & woman.

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