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Gravity Defying Treatment

Gravity Defying Professional Face Treatment is a total care product that targets simultaneously several signs of aging. This powerful treatment contributes to detoxifying the epidermis and fighting the loss of radiance caused by aging, thanks to the presence of white rose extract. It also acts on the dermis, which is responsible for the structure of the face, restoring the volume of its youth.

Gravity Defying Professional Face Treatment targets five major anti-aging actions to:

  • Detoxify the epidermis and restore glow to the skin

  • Reinforce the dermal support tissues

  • Restore springiness to the skin

  • Reduce skin inflammation and wrinkle depth

  • Fight gravity (limit slackening skin on the neck, lift the cheekbones, and smooth wrinkles in the eye)

Gravity Defying Treatment
  • This treatment is suitable for both man & woman.

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