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Calecim Hair Growth Treatment

A New Paradigm in Hair Revitalisation

Dermal Papilla Signalling with Anti-Inflammatory Factors

CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair Growth Treatment is developed using a proprietary technology that is derived from the Mesenchymal Stem Cells of the Umbilical Cord Lining, the richest source of stem cells in the body.

Mesenchymal stem cell-derived signalling and growth factors are able to influence hair growth by:

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  • This treatment is suitable for both man & woman.

  • Restoring normal hair follicle cycle

  • Reducing scalp derived inflammatory proteins

  • Providing hair follicle support

  • Conditioning scalp skin

Proven and Effective Restoration of Hair Follicle Cycle as seen in in-vitro and clinical data

  • Clinical data reveal positive propagation of human follicle dermal papilla cells when exposed to Cord Lining Conditioned Media.

  • In-vitro tests have shown that Cord Lining Conditioned Media is able to reduce keratinocyte expression of an inflammatory marker, TNF-alpha

  • Both tests conducted by the Singapore Polytechnic

  • Clinical observations by medical hair specialists demonstrate a reduction in the number of miniaturised hairs, increased hair density and improved hair quality.

Clinical Observations:

The Advanced Hair System used in conjunction with delivery techniques.

Visible effects can be observed 35 days from the first session, with optimal results 120 days from the first session.

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Hair Loss: A Multi-Factorial Problem

  • Androgenic Alopecia is the most common form of hair loss that afflicts both males and females, affecting almost 80% of men and 40% of women below the age of 70.

  • Causes of hair loss are multifactorial and include inherited genetic susceptibility and aging. These factors influence stem cell activity in the hair follicle, causing aberrations to the hair cycle.

  • In such cases, a primary defect in Dermal Papilla signalling develops, leading to a disruption in hair follicle cycling. Scalp hair follicles are slowly replaced by increasingly smaller follicles, which eventually become completely inactive within the scalp.

  • Common daily aggressors such as irritants, aging, and oxidative stress exacerbate hair loss by causing micro-inflammation in keratinocytes. This triggers apoptosis and perifollicular fibrosis, leading to shrinking of hair follicles and eventual hair loss.


Hair Conditioning and Revitalisation with Stem Cell Conditioned Media


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