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CORE Technology Slimming Treatment

Heating of subcutaneous tissue layers builds collagen fibers that strengthen the dermis against the invasion of adipocytes and stimulates lipolysis to shrink fat cell volume, at the same time enhancing blood circulation throughout the treatment area.

Core 4th dimension, multi-channel mode creates a stronger, more accurately distributed thermal response.  Combining multiple frequencies with Vacuum Therapy further intensifies treatment and facilitates deeper tissue penetration allowing for effective cellulite treatment, circumferential reduction and skin tightening at the same time.

Our Slimming Treatments will allow you to:

  • Attain a slim & well-toned body within days!

  • Lose 7-10kgs without drugs, suppressants or surgery

  • Effective partial/full body slimming & portion body toning

  • Reduce the appearance of ‘’orange peel’’ cellulite and unsightly flabs effectively

  • Combats water-retention & lightens stretch marks

  • Highly effective for post-natal slimming

CORE Technology Slimming Treatment
  • This treatment is suitable for both man & woman.

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